• Planning for a WAN Procurement Project

    A lot of people think of WAN as a solitary network. Well, this is definitely wrong! This is actually a network which connects 3 different sites. Among these are the users and remote offices, data centers and distributed offices. Each of these sites has its specific bandwidth requirement, availability and latency. On the other hand, their linking architecture comprises range of services.


    The secret in developing a strong WAN plan is to know how to match network services and carriers to your site's needs. Not many people perfect this part of WAN procurement. That is why you would need procurement advisory consultants like those in Project Networks. They will help you through the planning process.


    Your data centers are the sources of computing resources, offering significant volume of data to your entire organization. Because these sites are very significant, they will require a considerable amount of bandwidth. This can be your administrative sites or contract centers.


    Meanwhile, the distributed offices and branch house a lot of personnel and requires a significant amount of computing resources. While telecommuters and remote workers are single person sites with less than 5 people needing small connectivity requirements.


    After you have classified the sites which compromise your WAN, you also need to go further into your planning details like the baseline bandwidth requirements in each site. High bandwidth data centers for instance may require 100 mbps connectivity while other sites may only need 1 GB. If you are done with the identification of your sites and determination of bandwidth requirements, you will be ready to match your network requirements to the available services in the market. There are cases when a single service type will be enough to meet the needs of multiple sites. However, other network managers need to seek for 3 different sets of services to address their communication needs.


    Consolidation of data is also done by some companies. With this, they limit the interconnection of their data centers to 4 or even lesser. However, this will also result to significant increase in their bandwidth requirements. This results to issues on applications residing away from their users, with latency becoming a serious issue.


    With this problem, MPLS becomes most sought for in data connectivity except for some organizations like some financial service firms. They would need big amount of bandwidth to link data centers in relatively compact geographies. To them, MPLS offers limited advantage when compared to direct optical circuits. The latter can link sites from OC-3 to OC192. However, such is more expensive especially for international organization.


    So, when you are planning for WAN procurement, there are 4 things that you need to bear in mind. First, know your present and future bandwidth requirements. Identify your existing and latter QoS requirements, check for your site's flexibility and seek for an expert Wan procurement advisory consultant like Network Project.


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